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Add more pay types

pay codes for funeral leave, jury duty, etc 
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  • Apr 23 2018
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  • Lisa Bailey commented
    15 Feb 04:58pm

    There is definitely a need for more pay types, especially if you want the amount to reflect in the gross wages.

  • Mendi Schacherl commented
    1 May, 2023 04:33pm

    We currently use SR for several pay types. TT Travel Time, BP Bereavement, JD Jury Duty, MP Meal Premium (when they take a late lunch). We also had to use it for the Mandatory CP Covid Pay.

    This makes running reports for these pay types difficult.

  • Tina McElrath commented
    6 Dec, 2021 01:52pm

    We frequently have need to record pay codes like DOUBLE-TIME-AND-A-HALF, bereavement leave, jury duty, etc. The one that causes us the most issue is the double-time-and-a-half as it is required by one of the unions we deal with.

  • Nancy Williams commented
    15 Sep, 2021 10:09pm

    If you could add Special Rate OT and Special Rate DT

    We have to use SR for all 3 and go in and update the rates if OT or DT

    This would save us a tremendous amount of work

  • Guest commented
    30 Dec, 2020 03:53pm

    WE definitely need another pay type to track hours (so it needs to be a pay type with hours and not RATE) for those items that are NOT worked but paid, that would report under other. We have S (sick), V(vacation) and H (Holiday) but we need a few more.

    This is crucial for Union reporting as well as EI, worksafe/workers' compensation programs, FMLA, etc. NON WORKING HOURS that are paid but not worked is required for both CBA and all Regulatory requirements and state and Fed laws.

    Currently pay types in amounts/rates (vs hours) is not managable for large payroll volumes to have to go and calculate and enter their rates for each employee.

    Further, when created, I would suggest creating not one but at least two of these paid types - (4 -5) so that they can be used freely by others as needed.

  • Nicholle Henning commented
    18 May, 2020 11:10pm

    Personally, if custom pay types were distinguished just on the TC history report, that would suffice for me. I could see needing severance separated on earnings history, but I could make do without.

  • Guest commented
    18 May, 2020 10:03pm

    We would use these in a fashion to track employee utilization between indirect and direct costs. We would like to see this allow for customized GL routing based on pay type, much like add-ons work. Currently we are entering multiple add-ons per timesheet to show utilization and be able to produce reports and then making GL entries to balance accounts.

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  • Sandy Gray commented
    18 May, 2020 09:33pm

    We had to add a couple add-ons recently that need to be part of gross for Union fringe and deduction calculations and are calculated on an hourly rate. However, the hours are the same hours used to calculate regular and overtime wages so the hours for these add-on cant be included in total hours or union fringes that calculate on total hours would be overstated. Not sure additional pay types would be the answer but since add-ons don't ever get included in gross pay, it takes multiple reports and manual calculations every week to do our union reporting. Therefore, it would be very helpful if we could use a new pay type or have the dollar value of these add-ons appear in gross pay on a variety of reports - Union Reports, Earning History (as other earnings), WC reports. Gross is also used for completing unemployment verifications, or tying out to pay for WC & Union audits. To me, gross is gross. So it should be the same gross on every report that has the heading of gross pay.

  • Admin
    Geoffrey Falk commented
    18 May, 2020 08:24pm

    Allow me to reword my statement Lynn.

    The earnings reports display regular, overtime, double time etc. In my mind, a custom pay type would be assigned R, O, D for tracking purposes on these reports. So when you enter 'JURY', in the background the system records regular time.

    Unless someone can explain otherwise, I was trying to see what folks thought about using standard pay types on all reports except for Time Card Edit Lists, Time Card Entry and of course the paycheck.

    (For example, I do not see any valid reason to rewrite the Earnings History Report to include custom pay types... )

  • Lynne Underwood commented
    18 May, 2020 08:11pm

    I disagree with Geoffrey Falk about earnings reports "don't really care" about hours. We look at hours all the time. We calculate work hours vs total hours paid. The ability to create custom pay types that track hours is long overdue.

  • Admin
    Geoffrey Falk commented
    18 May, 2020 08:03pm

    Question for the group here:

    What is the business reason for different pay types? Or better said, how would you use these? What reports would they appear on?

    In my mind, there are certain payroll reports that custom pay types don't make sense on. Union and Certified Reports don't support custom pay types. Earnings reports don't really care either.

    Would having the ability to track hours in Time Card History solve the issues here?

    Let me know either way. Thanks!


  • Guest commented
    6 Mar, 2020 04:44pm

    These do exist ... sorta ... in ours, they are set up with a pay type R and a Dept of JD = Jury Duty, Funeral Leave = BEV

  • Guest commented
    6 Dec, 2019 03:37pm

    Agreed, software should give the client the ability to add and edit pay types as needed.  Limitations on this, cause confusion when having to reuse pay types.  The user should be able to add these as needed.

  • Guest commented
    5 Dec, 2019 08:08pm

    The multiple Spectrum systems I have worked on have always had a Paytype of "R" and Dept of "BEV" for Funeral or "JD" for Jury Duty. 

  • Guest commented
    20 Nov, 2019 09:03pm

    How about custom Pay Types for Units x Rate (Per Diem, mileage allowance, etc)??

  • Nicholle Henning commented
    20 Nov, 2019 04:22pm

    Please also include a Severance pay type

  • Cindy Preston commented
    28 Oct, 2019 08:16pm

    Where did the ability to edit pay types go?  Ours could use serious house cleaning!  I thought we had the ability to edit/add pay types in the past.

  • Guest commented
    17 May, 2019 04:42pm

    We have needed this for years!

  • Guest commented
    10 May, 2018 11:56am

    Agreed so this won't have to done through an add on

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